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Shaping, tapping, nailing, and pouring a protective sole on a jumper horse. This is a horse that came from Europe and was treated with a nail-on Yasha shoe and poured with Equi-thane in New York after purchase. Main purpose of video is to show how easily a padded shoe can be shaped cold. Work was done by Mike Boylan.

Excellent horseshoe for horses diagnosed with navicular syndrome, chronic laminitis, long toe/low heel and or general caudal heel pain. It removes most solar pressure and reduces inflammation in the heel area. Can be applied to any type of horseshoe.

This segment shows the shoes being glued on. There is a very short second case shown at the end of this video. It will focus more on the differing application aspects of glue-on shoes.

This type of glue-on shoe allows the heels to expand and contract as the hoof strikes the ground. It also has a soft pad to absorb the concussion. The clips ensure a secure bond to the hoof and is needed because of the small amount of glue that is used

A drain can be used to avoid an infection from occurring under a patch. This video shows how Ian uses a tube to make a drain under a patch.

Part two of restoration with race call from the Meadowlands Racetrack

Tues. July 15th, I was called to help restore a horse's hooves for a major race Sat. July 19th. Many common problems resolved. Horse was unsound to the walk Mon. July 14th

Tenderhoof Solutions is providing another video to show a possible solution for collapsed heels, the work was completed by Ian McKinlay

Yasha shoes are a nail on horseshoes that are designed to absorb concussion. They were designed by Ian McKinlay over the past two years. Ian is a hoof lameness specialist with thirty years experience.

quarter crack repaired with Yasha shoes applied by Ian McKinlay. Also seen on Tenderhoof Solutions is a web site developed to show various solutions for common hoof ailment

This is a well built thoroughbred with very thin walls that have rotted away. This video shows how almost any hooves can be rebuilt.

How does a hoof interact with different types of horseshoes, you will be surprised.


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